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13 Best Fragrant Indoor Plants

This article will introduce you to several kinds of fragrant indoor plants that will make your home smell fresh and  look good. Indoor plants are not only for decors but also serve as natural fragrance for your home. There are many great ideas for fragrant indoor plants. You just have to know what you are looking for.

Plants are a wonderful way to bring nature indoors even during the harshest winter weather. Even better: when those plants are also deliciously fragrant. These thirteen options in sweet-smelling plants are some of our favorites.

Azores Jasmine


For intense fragrance, grow this jasmine. It typically flowers spring through fall, but tosses open blooms in winter, too, if growing conditions provide warmth and sun. Give it a spot near a southern-facing window. The perfume is similar to gardenia. Plants may be slow to bloom the first year. Just wait—the flower show kicks into gear as plants age. Botanical name: Jasminum azoricum

‘Marino Blue’ Heliotrope

Vanilla honey describes the sweet scent of these pretty purple flowers. Plants flower year-round, and the blossoms are a sensory treat in the depth of winter. Stems tend to trail, so plan to support plants with a hoop-type stake. Botanical name: Heliotropium arborescens ‘Marino Blue’


The fragrant leaves of spearmint release their minty scent even when they’re warmed by the sun. It’s a wonderful addition to an indoor garden—easy to grow and not plagued by pests. Give it a spot near a sunny window for best growth. Harvest leaves as needed for tea or desserts. Botanical name: Mentha spicata


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