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The best bedside tables for your bedroom might take some time to choose. These are important bedroom furniture choices as they visually balance the decor style as well as provide easy-to-reach storage space.


Before indoor toilets became popular the main use for a bedside table was to house chamber pots (used to save those lonely night time outdoor toilet trips!)

These days a bedside table is used for a variety of reasons, allowing extra storage for clothes and underwear, a place to put your alarm clock, jewellery or even a table lamp.

When deciding what type of bedside table to purchase there are some important points to consider. We have highlighted these below in our bedside table buying guide.


Are you looking for somewhere just to place your alarm clock, or bedside lamp, perhaps you wish just to lay spare change or somewhere to place your watch when you are asleep, well then a nightstand or bedside table will do the trick.

However if you are looking to store more items, many of which you dont wish to be on display, like a remote control for the tv, your mobile telephone, underwear or paperwork well then you should look at better storage options usually available with a bedside chest or bedside cabinet, both have plenty or storage and allow you to de-clutter your bedroom even more!


In many bedrooms, bedside tables can be used as the bedroom’s focal point, therefore style and design is critical. Firstly, you must make sure the bedside table matches the bedroom décor. Ask yourself the question: Am I looking to decorate my bedroom in a traditional or contemporary style?

Traditional styled bedside tables are generally wooden painted bedside tables, sometimes carved with attractive detailing and clean lines giving a period look.

Perhaps contemporary is more your style, well then why not make a bold statement with vibrant colours. High gloss bedsides (usually available in bright colours) and mirrored bedside tables are …


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10 Tips for Spray Painting Your Wood Furniture

“Brush painting can be a little challenger if you are only thing painting on your own. It can have marks or even drips which results to an undesirable result. If you want another option, you can try spray painting as it results to a more smooth finish to a furniture. You don’t have to be an expert. As long as you know the basics, then your good to go.”



Spray painting is an easy way of achieving a smooth, even finish on wood furniture. This is especially true of items that have intricate designs. Whereas painting with a brush can result in drips and brush marks, spray paint can bring you a near perfect look. Like all other materials, wood requires some preparatory steps before the application of spray paint.

TIP: Doityourself’s painting consultant Edward Kimble, author of Interior House Painting Blog, adds, “If the wood has a waxed polyurethane or shellac or lacquer finish, it will not accept paint until the existing finish is removed. However, there are some chemicals sold that can remove the wax and prepare the furniture to accept paint. Check at the paint store. Lightly sanding may help, but it may not.”

Choose Appropriate Furniture

When you spray paint your wood furniture, keep in mind to avoid upholstery. If you are painting outdoor furniture, choose paint with a high degree of moisture resistance and sun protection. Avoid painting antique furniture, because it may lose its value.

 Remove all Hardware

Depending on the type of furniture you are painting, you may have to unscrew and remove some of the components. On cabinets and drawers, remove the knobs and handles beforehand. Remove any drawers as well. Paint all these objects separately and reassemble the furniture when all the parts are dry.

Cover Surrounding Area and Objects

Because spray paint consists of minute particles that can settle on surrounding surfaces, it is important to protect them beforehand. Cover all surrounding objects and the floor with newspapers, drop clothes or masking tape.

Sand the Surface Beforehand

Before spray painting your wood furniture, sand it thoroughly to remove all the rough edges. Start with rough sandpaper and then repeat with a finer version to achieve a smooth texture.

Clean Thoroughly without Wetting the Furniture

After you sand your piece, clean it thoroughly and remove all the sawdust. Use a soft cloth for this purpose. Avoid using water, because it will penetrate the wood and cause damage. Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the surrounding …


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26 Fashion Shoe Storage Cabinets Ideas for the Fancy

“I once this Nike Designed Shoe Storage and I just fell in love with it. I’m pretty sure that everyone especially guys would automatically order one if they saw it. Seeing it just made me curious on what else does market has to offer. These are just some designs that you can draw inspirations to or perhaps find in the market.”



Mataro Large Shoe Cabinet in Walnut

This large shoe cabinet below is part of the Mataro range of contemporary hallway furniture. With a visually appealing design that oozes modernity, the Mataro shoe cabinet will give that perfect first impression in your home. It’s perfect for everyday use, delivers excellent practicality and makes for a beautiful hallway storage solution. The cabinet mounts on the wall. It has a Walnut foil finish, chrome handles and 2 wide tilting drawers. It’s all about refined styling, and Mataro does that. (from furniture123 for 200 British Pounds + transportation)

Fancy Shoe Rack Pull-Out

Shoe racks aren’t as functional as we may have thought. Everything entangles in there and you can’t see exactly what you should wear for your dinner date. Check out this shoe pull-out (it hides nicely inside this custom traditional cabinetry) allows you to browse your entire shoe collection in one painless peek. (from homeportfolio)

IKEA Shoe Cabinets

Furniture from IKEA is easy to assemble, inexpensive, durable and has a Scandinavian simplicity that goes right to your heart. Here are a few ideas for shoe cabinets from IKEA.


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30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs

Your book stand doesn’t have the typical ones that it’ll make your home like a boring library. These days, you no longer have to buy those bulky furniture as you can re-create or find more creative ideas that will the home more exciting.



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