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How Hardscape Can Improve Your Yard

Spring has sprung and more people are enjoying the rays of the sun by spending more hours in their yards. BBQs are rolled out and parties planned. The season of family-fun and friendly get-togethers are merely starting. This is a great time to make sure your outdoor room is as lovely and efficient as you want it to be. In this article, read about the hardscape and just how it could improve both the effectiveness and appearance of the outdoor room.

What is hardscape? And how can it enhance your yard?

Two very valid questions. Hardscape or “hardscaping” is a part of landscaping. As opposed to talking about the growing aspects of the yard, hardscape refers back to the inanimate aspects of landscaping. These elements can be decks and patios; fences and walls; paving stones and concrete; even a pool or spa belongs to the hardscape. Partially, this is due to the nature of the materials utilized to construct these things. But, it is also due to the fact that preparation of the ground to make certain proper drainage is really important.

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Stone walls, paved walkways, tiled paths, wooden decks and patios are all regarded as part of the hardscape. Actually any elements utilized in landscaping that is not a part of the softscape (for example plants, trees and flowers) all can be considered to be hardscape components. With this description garden decorations like water fountains are also regarded as hardscape.

Hardscape Improves Maintenance and Aesthetics

There are numerous benefits of including hardscaping design in your garden and this includes including aesthetic value to your house, that make it easier for you to sell it in the future.. Because hardscaping designs utilize non-living things, you don’t need to deal with the same maintenance needed for traditional gardens. This will make it perfect for homeowners who do not have the time to maintain and take care of their garden, and for also people who live in areas where climate does not permit and let the development of most plants.

Incorporating hardscaping designs in your garden isn’t much of a job but it’s crucial that you remember that adding such components would require you to understand that such additions would affect the natural drainage and water absorption of your garden. To deal with such problems, you have the option of including water sprinkler machines in your garden so that your garden can get the water requirements that it needs. By using a respectable and qualified landscape designer might help alleviate the risk of poor drainage.


4 Front Yards That Went From Sad to Stunning

For those that are not sure what hardscape is, it includes the heavier elements in designing your backyard like your patio, driveway, rocks, stones, stone benches, arbors, etc. It can surely transform your yard to something you’ve never imagined.


1. This Storybook House Has A Happy Ending

The front yard of Meryl Phillips’ 1920s storybook home read “really bland” — a flat, tired lawn and a few uninviting step stones to a plain concrete patio.

So the shelter blogger spent about $1,000 and installed strategic hardscaping to boost the curb appeal of her Oakland, Calif., home. The goal was to upgrade the front yard with landscaping that required only 15 minutes of maintenance each week, and almost no watering.

Storybook After

Image: Picardy Project

Here’s what Phillips did:

  • Replaced the lawn with drought-tolerant plants, including native perennials such as Shasta lilies and shrubs.
  • Upgraded the concrete patio with salvaged brick pavers.
  • Built up a section of the front yard with leftover soil from the backyard and surrounded the area with aretaining wall of interlocking landscaping bricks.
  • Widened the walkway and installed stepping-stones on a pea gravel base.
  • Refurbished and installed the home’s original iron gate.

The topper was a pair of mosaic planters flanking the gate, which Phillips constructed from plywood and covered with salvaged tile.

A year later, Phillips has an infant daughter and an easy-care front yard that looks great.

“We can still tend the yard without taking much time away from our child,” she says.

2. Combining Concrete and Grass Brightens a Historic Property

Driveway Before

Image: Madson Design

The sad-looking house in Rocklin, Calif., was, in fact, a historic gem. Built in 1946, the home originally was constructed with salvaged walls from an old railroad boxcar.

James Madson, a residential designer, worked with his brother on the renovation that …


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