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How To Boost Your Home Décor and Your Image- Have a Huge Collection of Books!

Books is not only for reading. They can also be used to decorate your home. This kind of decorating style may be new to you but it’s really a great way to used your books as decors.

Books are the best friends you can have. Though gadgets have taken over the world they have yet to replace books and the value it gives. It is also a great image builder in the society.

We live in an age where books are becoming less common. Still, it has the stamp of the erudite and an immense snob value. E-books are becoming more and more popular. But to all the bibliophiles out there, since you have got a huge collection of books, use it to décor your room! It’s an easy and budget friendly way to make your room look prettier and more worthy.

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If you are a single working woman who has shifted to a newly rented apartment, you can utilize the empty shelves for decoration purposes. Books add beauty to the room. Keep it as neat as possible since it showcases what you read. Books reveal a lot about your personality as each book shows what you love. Bookshelves should be displayed in living rooms. It is a real image booster.

Choose a mixed collection

People judge you by the selection of books you keep and read. Have a few classics, but only a few. Have a few award-winning books, but only a few. If you load your book shelf with classics, or award winning books people will know that you are not in touch. So have a heady mix of classics, and award winners, best sellers and pop culture, business books, biography’s philosophy, chick-lit and a mix of fiction and non-fiction. And yes a couple of coffee table books are a must.


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Kitchen Style That You Might Like

Picking out a new kitchen style is actually a delightful experience. Regardless if you are hiring a home decorator or not, with regards to changing your kitchen you need to choose your own style. You simply can’t allow other people to make that decision due to the fact that person might prefer a specific style that you might be not comfortable with. There are various fantastic styles but they’re essentially narrowed down to only 3. I will give you a short description of some of the style of kitchens that you might want to look at.


There are numerous facets to the country kitchen style. You have the American, the English, and the French). But the fact remains that this is one of the favorite and cozy environments for many individuals. This rustic, weathered look creates a warm cozy feeling in a country style home. Usually the kitchen can feature open shelves, pot racks as well as a general feeling of being nicely lived inside, accented through the various palettes of the kitchen cabinetry. Typical colors vary from muted hues to earth tones.

Old World includes French Country, Tuscany, and Mediterranean. Many of these affects are mingled in the Old World style-but with beautiful outcomes. Wood is a vital part of Old World-rich, beautiful wood grains, often with lovely glazes that give it just the right amount of patina, like a cherished antique. When painted cabinetry is utilized it is in rich colors-greens and reds. Combining wood finish and paint is normal. This style favors natural materials. Colors are deep, rich and earthy. Wall colors are the same-reds, gold, browns, burnt orange or rust. Copper or bronze pot hangers are almost a must.

If you don’t have any kind of specific taste then the best style for you is a modern style kitchen. This really is most widely used now days due to the fact a lot more people are looking for simplicity with an sophisticated appearance. This kitchen style is hassle proof and requires less maintenance. Out of this style alone there are numerous options to choose from. If you like modern then choose a contemporary style kitchen. Other accessories for the kitchen enjoy curtains or dishes will be very easy to find.

Kitchen design can be quite a complex process, so if you have doubts about the selection of colors, materials or any other kind of questions, the best is to get in touch with professionals who will help you with valuable advices. Whatever type of person you are, there’s always a kitchen style which will suit your family.