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Buying The Right Bathroom Mirrors For Your Home

Mirrors have become a significant part of home décor; the stylish forms of mirrors make them an important piece for interior decorators. There are several things that you should consider prior to buying a mirror for your bathroom like size, budget, color, shape, design and many other such factors. Selecting the best one will complement the look of the room or even greatly enhance it.

Large Bathroom Mirror Design

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What Should You Choose

Initially, take into consideration how your bathroom looks and functions. Have you got a simple bathroom suite or a room of fitted bathroom furniture? Is your room large or small, light or dark? Who utilizes the area? And how much space do you have? Only you can decide what is best for your present bathroom style.

Needless to say, the option to choose the mirrors relies not just on your taste alone. In choosing mirrors, you must think about your budget and the kind of bathroom you’ve got at home. If your bathroom has a modern design, you need to go with a modern mirror as well. Most shops provide advice in picking bathroom mirrors. It is possible to consult the experts about the right choice of mirror for your homes.

The Three Types

Typically, bathroom mirrors fall into 3 various groups. First, you will find fixed mirrors which are generally fitted into cabinets or into a door. Then, you’ll find hanging wall mirrors that are literally set into your bathroom walls. And ultimately, you can find moving mirrors which may be mounted, moved, and pivoted.

a)    Hanging Wall Mirrors
The majority of hanging mirrors are acknowledged to give a touch of classy grace to the rooms when hung on walls. You’ll find stunning full sized and medium sized mirrors to match various kinds of rooms and uses several types of materials in the designing of these mirrors. They help achieve a more compact look since they can be hung directly on the wall without the attachment of the medicine cabinet.

b)    Moving Mirrors
Moving bathroom mirrors are usually not as huge as hanging mirrors. However, these fixtures are convenient to put inside your bathroom. Typically, these mirrors are utilized for vanity purposes. They are utilized if you are applying your make-up on after a shower. These mirrors could be moved in any direction which is most comfortable and convenient for you.

c)    The Fixed Type
Fixed bathroom mirrors are actually a component of an ordinary metal. They are usually positioned on top of the built-in medicine cabinets you have in your bathrooms. They are basic types of mirrors that possess a practical style. Though they are definitely not trendy, the fixed mirrors work all right.

20 Unusual Interior Decorating Ideas for Wooden Stairs

“Stairs should not be the usual boring part of the home. You must always think of a way to entice and improve your home in different even if others would question you. At the end of the day, it would be and your family whose going to live in your place.”


Stairs are permanent architectural features hat are not easy to change.  or just plain old stairs. Staircase design changes can be expensive, as well as adding new stairs to your home interiors. Creative interior decorating with paint, wallpaper, tiles or salvaged wood pieces instantly create a new staircase design that makes a statement.

Functional elements of house design, wooden stairs provide beautiful surfaces for creative painting and decorating with wallpaper and other materials. Old wooden stairs can look bold interesting adding to aesthetic appeal of interior decorating.

With some imaginative staircase design and creative decorating ideas, your staircase design can become one of the most attractive architectural features of your house. Old wooden stairs will look warm and fresh, decorated with bold painting, modern wallpaper patterns and creative designs.

Decorating wooden stairs with paint, stencils and recycled items

colorful painting ideas for wooden stairs

Removing old carpets and returning the wooden stairs to their former beauty with sanding and staining or painting are great ideas for creating a beautiful staircase design. Stenciling is another wonderful ideas for decorating wooden stairs and giving a personal touch to your old staircase design.


Maximizing hidden space under wooden stairs works wonders for interior decorating and decluttering. Storage boxes and shelves for books, shoes or small things help keep the house tidy.


black and white stairvase design

Useless items and old broken things can be attractively incorporated into unique staircase design. Broken tiles and mirror pieces are perfect materials for striking, unusual and surprising decorating design. Old keyboards and pencils, wooden rulers and small gears, salvaged wood pieces and sea shells can be used for decorating old wooden stairs risers.


Funny and cheerful phrases and colorful decoration patterns look fantastic on wooden stairs risers, motivating and improving your mood. Here is a collection of 20 very creative, whimsical and clever ideas for decorating old wooden stairs. Check them out and get inspired for creating your own beautiful staircase design.

painting ideas for decorating wooden stairs

Recycling wood rulers, keyboards or broken tiles for decorating wooden stairs

recycling wooden rulers for wooden stairs decorating recycling keyboards for wooden stairs decorating


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Paint Vs Wallpaper

Quite often picking out between wallpaper and paint could be extremely hard, for you can find advantages and disadvantages each way. It used to be that wallpaper was unfashionable, so it made the decision easier, but these days wallpaper has returned in fashion and feature walls could be paint OR wallpaper.

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Advantages of Paint

Affordable and simple – most people could do a good enough paint job and both material and labor for painting is not costly. Reduced preparation time and extra layers could hide blemishes well. Irregular walls are best concealed by having a solid color in order that the corners or borders tend not to highlight a skew line. Paint is easily painted over, and you may select from a matte or gloss finish.

Disadvantages of Paint

Although painting can be carried out effortlessly, your walls may call for repainting often dependent upon your paint selection. It may also give off or contain chemicals that could harm your household so it is necessary to look into the content of your paint. Additionally, should you prefer a specific design, it might take a little while to create as your painter must do it from scratch.

Advantages of Wallpaper

Numerous contemporary wallpapers will last for 10 to 15 years, while, repainting often has to be done as frequently as every couple of years. This lowers your costs. Wallpaper can also add intricacy and interesting features to a room and wallpaper offers many types of ‘looks’ like patterns, textures and even created to look like wood or cloth.

Disadvantages of Wallpaper

Once your lavish wallpaper is up on the walls, the main problem you’d probably encounter is keeping dirt off it and eliminating it. Yes, most wallpaper very easily stain and those that are stain proof may cost a lot. Wallpaper could easily fade whenever exposed to sunlight. A lot of wallpaper on the market could also easily fade and lose their colors over time. Dependant on the kind of wallpaper, it can be hard to remove it should you get tired of looking at the design.

Why choose?

Many people think – as to why decide? Use a mix of paint and wallpaper in each room – above and underneath the curtain rails (solid color on top preferably) and even some walls papered and a few walls painted.