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12 Outstanding Scandinavian Homes With Green Roofs That Look As Fabulous

Green roofing is an eco-friendly alternative to the more conventional types of modern day roofing that is used in the construction of houses and buildings. It helps to naturally regulate temperature and energy consumption as well as to help retain water and clean the air.


Scandinavians undoubtedly adore their natural and green roofs. They loved them so much that even have a competition each year to select the most beautiful green roof project in Scandinavia. But there is another reason why they prefer this trend so much … Not only it is a beautiful decoration for the house, but there are many social, environmental and financial benefits of green roofs. They absorb the rain, with their help there are lower prices for heating in winter and for cooling in summer, they can provide insulation and are long durable. Keeping all this in mind, do not you wish you own such a design for your home?

In our photo gallery below, you can see some beautiful examples of Scandinavian homes with green roofs that look like from a fairy tale. These fascinating designs make them unique and astonishing. Now take look in our fascinating collection of 12 Outstanding Scandinavian Homes With Green Roofs That Look As Fabulous, and you will see many outstanding examples that will leave you speechless. Enjoy in our collection!

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Roofing Warranty Information For Home Owners

New roofs are high price items that can cost a lot of money. They are one of the most critical sections of your home and we must have a roof that includes a good warranty with it. There should be a roof warranty between you and the manufacturer. Warranties are a vital a part of receiving any service simply because they cover you from any conditions that may arise after project completion. But, a warranty doesn’t provide all-inclusive coverage for all troubles, so it’s important to understand what a residential roof warranty covers and doesn’t cover. This will definitely help you to make a more informed decision.

As is the case with a lot of major construction projects, roof systems are normally prone to damage but defects in roofing materials or workmanship errors could be the reason a roof leakages. But, not all residential roof warranties cover manufacturing defects and workmanship problems which means you need to speak with your service provider regarding which problems are probably be covered. The most well-built roofs can function efficiently for around 25 and 40 years, while a residential roof warranty is often only good for 5 to 10 years. If you notice any problems with a new roof, you need to contact your roofer immediately to avoid letting your warranty expire before repairs can be done.

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A. Materials Warranty

The materials which the roofer uses for your project will include a manufacturer’s warranty. Make certain you understand what the warranty is for the material that the roofer is using before you enter into a contract. You’ll find that you would rather utilize a different material that has a far better warranty than the one the roofer might be offering you. For that reason, lots of people would rather utilize materials that can come from reputable manufacturers. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, the roofer or roofing company also needs to supply you with a warranty in case anything transpires with your roof.

B. Workmanship Warranty

This warranty is given by the roofing company you’ve hired and guarantees proper installation of the roofing system. Every roofer offers various kinds of workmanship warranties which range from 5-50 years depending on the kind of material they put in on your roof. The longer the workmanship warranty the longer your roof is protected against workmanship glitches which may occur during setup. A number of roofers offer extended workmanship warranties at an additional cost. Check with your potential roofer which kind of labor warranties they have.

Being aware what to watch out for in roofing warranties will certainly help you to make the greatest choice of roofing company, as you’ll not be taken in by a lower price that includes a poor warranty. You should look at all warranties for workmanship and materials before you sign any deal. Also, be guided of the situations that could likely nulify your warranty.

Advantages of Having New Roof

A property is what most people are willing to spend on as far as long-term investments. There is a huge selection of things that people can put money into and make use of to increase the value of a house. However because were used to a certain roof material and type is no good reason to keep with it forever. With so many new choices, many owners are amazed to find out that having a new roof can in fact raise the worth of their homes.

A. Raise The Value of Your Home

Your house is one of, if not the biggest investment you’ve. Putting value to this investment is necessary. A new roof adds tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your home. A brand new roof also increases your home’s entrance charm, making it less difficult to sell when it’s time. Even if you are not considering relocating now, adding value to your home is definitely a good idea.

B. Make Your Home Safer

Mold and mildew grow in old roofs which have been no longer leak-proof. Mold might cause breathing problems, headaches and histamine reactions. Keeping you and your family safe from mold is a health concern. Regrettably, some humid summers make the perfect conditions for mold to nurture. If you’ve got an old roof that hasn’t been repaired or replaced in many years, you may want to consider preventing the growth of mold and mildew in your home with a new roof.

C. Prevent Costly Water Damage

In the event the walls and the floor are stable and fixed, just what is the advantage of it if suddenly water begins flowing from the ceiling? Won’t it destroy the walls and the floor? An excellent and stable roof will prevent water damages caused by leaking and moisture inside the home. When required repairs continue to increase and leaks are more common in your present roof, these complaints and the issues they cause will lead to higher costs for you.

D. Keep Your Home Warmer in the Winter/Cooler in the Summer

One of the initial responsibilities of the roof of a property is always to help the homeowners to regulate temperatures. In the wintertime, the roof is anticipated to maintain heat in the home in order that everybody in it will feel comfortable. A new roof will give that satisfaction especially if you are aware that your roof continues to be inadequate and that it is old. Replacement should be coordinated with the season that you have the very best weather.

Gutter Guards: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing to have gutter guards set up on your property must not have to be a challenging decision. By observing the advantages and disadvantages of an effective gutter guard system, it’s easy to notice that the pros far outweigh the cons. Let us take a look.


• The Advantages

What can you say if you did not have to climb back on that ladder and clean the gutters out so often? It would mean no more climbing the ladder and then getting down, moving the ladder, climbing back up. This is exhausting, time consuming and a chore which you wish wasn’t yours but another person’s. This means that you’re protected from any risks or mishaps.

They are going to put valuable time to your weekends. It is a pro that’s practically impossible not to like. With the hectic lifestyle we all tend to live these days, who wants to spend half of the weekend cleaning their gutters? Get back weekends once and for all.

Water accumulated in the gutters due to clogging may freeze during the winters, resulting in water seepage that causes extreme water damages to your dwelling. The gutter guards enable water to flow through just as clearly as if you had just cleaned out your gutters. There’s no other way of keeping the gutters clean unless you take them down and never use them. This isn’t a solution since you will have water running down your property and collecting at the ground level. By preventing water clogging, gutter guards save your house against potential water damages.

Protective gutter caps protect against ice damming problems. For those who have experienced the numerous problems ice dams typically cause, please realize that gutter guards give a major piece of the solution to resolving the issue by preventing ice and snow from building up and stagnating in a residence’s gutter system. Basically, even if there’s another issue causing the ice damming in the first place, properly covered gutters can counteract the problem by allowing the ice to disappear.

• The Disadvantages

There exists a modest straight up cost involved. Nevertheless, your new gutter guards will start paying for themselves the very first time when you skip hiring the gutter cleaning service. And this also brings us to the next point…

The con this gutter service has is just not for the homeowner but actually for the business providing maintenance and cleaning services to gutters. With gutter guards, your property will no longer need a professional, meaning the business is impacted for the contractors.

Wouldn’t you agree that gutter guards are an extremely wise homeowner investment? They save time, hassle, and worry; most importantly- they’ll save you from life threatening injury.

5 Indicators of Roof Replacement

The fundamental premise of your property being your investment implies that you need to put as little money into upkeep and maintenance as it can be, while earning value. Among the bigger expenditures that most homeowners are tasked with is whether or not they require a new roof or just a repair. Repairing of the roof only is sensible if the repairs are considerably less than a new roof replacement. Usually overlooked is the long term cost of the repairs. To decide if a roof needs repair, keep in mind just a few reminder tips for homeowners:

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1. A definitive indication of repair will be seeing leaks or holes after the storm. This tends to require prompt attention. While self-repair alternatives are readily available for leakages, a larger issue could be at work; if the damage is intensive, then a professional should be phoned instantly, to be able to limit the area of consternation.

2. Although water filled blisters tend to be common on flat commercial roofs, they could occur on shingle ones at the same time. After some time, blisters which contain water may release moisture into the deck, and cause it to sag.

3. Peeling, staining or bubbling paint-leaky roofs are generally factors behind deterioration of exterior paint around the roofline. It may also seep into the walls of your home, staining the walls inside. Discoloration is also a warning sign.

4. In the event that more than one-third of the roof is damaged, consider fast replacement. A lost roof during storm season can cause more financial damage than replacement before collapse. Most roofs are covered under warranty. Keeping a close eye on the expiration date and guidelines early on in ownership saves problems and worries later on.

5. Curling, which usually happens from long-term weather exposure, signifies the last phase of a shingle’s life. The curling begins at the front edge of the shingle, and may reach a point where the shingle appears nearly cylindrical if it is looked at from the side.

When you notice some of these concerns it might be time to give your roofing a checkup. Roofing is generally not a do-it-yourself project therefore get in touch with a reliable contractor. As with any service your house may need-check your contractor’s references.

Identifying the Source of Roof Leaks

In case you own a home with an older roof, odds are at some time you have come home to water dripping from your ceiling, skylight, or fixtures. The sound of dripping water at the rear of your walls is a sign of a roof leak. Leaky Leaking roofs are a very common condition identified in home inspections. What are the most common roof leak causes? Listed here are a few examples.

i.    Restoration and Maintenance

A simple way to protect your roof and home from leaks is to get it restored. Roof Restoration can easily add another 15-20 years of life to your roof and gives your property a brand new sparkle.


ii.    Flashing

Flashing seals the crevice where a roof abuts to protrusions such as vents and ac ducts. After a while, flashing may lose its seal and create an easy path for water to reach the deck and ceiling beneath. A telltale indication of loose flashing is water damage to the ceiling area just beneath a vent, a chimney, or some different of protrusion. The problem is commonly easy to correct, yet triggers severe damage when it is left unaddressed.

iii.    Wind and Rain

High wind and heavy rain damages roofing material allowing for water to get into the ceiling. Even a new roof in perfect condition may become leaky if wind blows water underneath the eave. Having home insurance cover is vital in case a violent wind or rain storm causes destruction of your roof. A lot of roofing can be repaired or restored or worst case they could be replaced by a new roof.

The bottom line is that consistent, routine maintenance and roof repair is very low-cost in comparison to major fixes. Keeping up with maintenance of your roof may stop leaks. This maintenance work must be done correctly and to a high standard. Make use of a reliable roofing contractor to accomplish quality work for you. Rest easy knowing you have made good decisions about your roof work and you won’t have leaks for a long time to come. If you aren’t maintaining your roof consistently then might you soon face issue of leakage. Roof repair is the best solution to keep your home secure from the leakage and tend not to attempt to resolve complicated leaks all on your own. Likewise constant care of roof is more affordable than major repair.

Paint Colors for Your Metal Roofing



Picking your roof color could possibly be the least of your concern. Because this is the part of the home that we rarely see and take notice, we could find it hard to decide to what color we would want to have at home. Many times you may opt to just imitate your neighbor’s roof so you won’t need to trouble yourself anymore. However to enhance the curb appeal of your property, you should take extra time and effort to have the right one that is suited to it. Here are some tips.

•    Earthy colors

These colors help out with blending together your house with the surroundings. Some of the best earthy colors are: gray-blue, brown, sage green and olive green.

You should observe that these colors usually complement homes that happen to be made from stones, wood and other earthly materials. In case you are undecided about the best earthly color that you can use, you have to seek the services of an expert who will assist you.

•    Neutrals

Neutral shades are: gray, black, white, and brown. Gray and brown would be the most widespread colors and they easily attract interest of numerous people; therefore, if you wish to draw attention, they are the best shades to go for.

You should note that gray is visually elegant on homes that have already been colored with other shades like green and blue. Brown on the other hand looks nice on a home which has already been painted with a warm color such as red or orange.

•    Contrasting colors

Contrasting colors are colors that happen to be found contrary each other on the color wheel. An effective way of using these colors is making sure that the color of your property is different from that of the roofing.

An example, a green color blend or a brown color blend works with the area very well whilst a red roof will be vast contrast. But beware of high contrast colors because high contrasting trim will outline your home and cause it to appear to be a coloring book.

•    Bright colors

If you would like something different and dominating, you may go for bright colors. Red, orange and blue would be the popular bright color options. Some would prefer to use bright colors mainly because it gives distinction on their homes and visitors could easily find the home. But, you should take extra consideration when you want to make use of these colors because if isn’t blended well, it would be very consuming or too distractive to the eyes. Consult with professionals to assist you particularly when you desire to make use of such colors.

Whenever you choose a roof color, please be reminded to confirm your local community if there are color rules. Also, observe your surroundings and weather in the area to be able to come up with your best option. If you aren’t yet certain, seek professional’s advice.

The Best Insulation For Your Home

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It’s a usual misunderstanding that insulation is simply to keep warm air in and cold air out of a property. This may not be true, it is also just as essential in reverse. Insulation will help keep your home’s temperature down in the summertime which helps on your energy bills. Your air conditioner do not need to work as hard in a well-insulated home.

When selecting insulation, remember that the larger the R value, the better it is at conserving energy and helping make your home comfy. You can choose from many different insulation types, based on your requirements and what you would like to pay. One of the great things about having chosen the proper material would be a home that is appropriately insulated and efficient in terms of heat and consumption.

You can find 4 varieties of insulation you must know about whenever thinking about your home;

A. Loose-Fill Insulation: Loose-Fill is either blown or poured into an area of a home, often put to use in closed spaces similar to attics, ceilings, walls and floors. Loose-Fill insulation is available in a number of materials just like fiberglass, rock wool and cellulose.

B. Fiberglass Insulation: It is the most common type present in homes all across the nation. It’s often bought in large rolls called batts, and its R-value is about 3.2 per inch. These are typically made use of in between floor joists as well as within wall cavities. You will find safety hazards when making use of this sort of insulation. Be sure you wear a dust mask or a respirator so that you don’t breathe in any of the dust. Furthermore, put on long sleeves and gloves to safeguard your skin.

C. Rigid foam Insulation: This sort is among the most high-priced of all insulation materials yet the best because it has the highest tolerance for moisture. Whilst typically more costly than fiber products, it is very effective in buildings with space limitations and where higher R-values are needed. It is usually used in unfinished walls; ceilings and floors; and un-vented low-slope roofs.

D. Foam Insulation: Foam is also used to insulate closed spaces like walls, ceilings and floors. Once the foam is inserted into an empty space it will expand and harden to offer excellent R-values. Foam is among the most expensive form of insulation and you will then ought to hire a professional if you are looking to insulate a large area.

Home Maintanance Ideas: Roof Restoration

For those who have ignored the thought of roof restoration up to now, and still are not certain if it’s really of great benefit, then these 3 amazing benefits is going to be sure to convince you:

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Save cash

The fact of the matter is, when problems are left unattended to, they’ll worsen in severity, and turn into either unmanageable or expensive for you to justify. The longer you leave it, the more serious the damages get (to both your roof together with your wallet). Trying to find roof restoration will prevent too much water damage, leakages, loosened tiles, damages from moss and structural harm, and therefore prevent pricey repairs later along the track. Furthermore, you will not only be saving cash on your roof maintenance bills, but on your energy bills also. The cost of running heaters and air conditioners will become unreasonably expensive when air is leaking out due to your roof not thoroughly sealed from the weather.

Home’s value is appreciated

The roof is regarded as the noticeable areas when guests come or people look at your residence outdoors. Regardless of how fantastic the interiors are, the outside is sure to affect the impression at your home that makes it less desirable. Restored roofs can absolutely entice potential buyers should you be considering to sell it in the future. Frequent problems just like cracks from improvement and contraction, elevated tiles, erosion from heavy weather exposure and deterioration from built up particles, all take away from your home’s physical beauty and make it appear aged as well as overlooked. A good roof results in a good impression not merely for the entire family but also for the visitors and buyers also. You no longer have to put your name at stake just because your roof is not pleasing.

Extend the life of your roof

Unless of course precaution is taken through roof restoration, damages within your roof are certain, particularly when residing in areas prone to rough rain and wind. You must be sure that replacing your roof does not become your only option. Taking preventative roof restoration measures will increase its durability. Some troubles are hard to identify until they have done a lot of damage. And that damage may go as far as weakening the structure of the house. The roof restoration method is also to strengthen the roof of the house in such way that, all its problems are repaired, and it’s also upgraded to work again for more number of years.

What’s the moral of the story? You will save lots of money, time as well as trouble from regular restoration together with repairs.