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Making Mosaic Garden Art

No homes are complete without a garden which is a place where one wishes to relax with friends and family.This article suggests using those items and other household items to make beautiful garden art. Read on to learn how!

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I was openly skeptical when signing up for a workshop on how to make mosaic stepping stones, since I had never even been able to assemble basic jigsaw puzzles. But peer pressure from my gardening buddies, Linda Beutler and Nancy Goldman, prevailed and off we went to class.

Within a year, my friends and I were filling our gardens at an alarming rate with objects covered in assorted bits of broken china and tile. We created colorful garden art from objects like trowels, bowling balls, watering cans, mailboxes, birdhouses, and tables as well as bricks, concrete pavers, terra-cotta pots, and chimney flues.

By now, the word has spread among our friends about our hobby, and it’s not uncommon to come home to offerings of broken china and tile at my basement door. Several times a year we sell our wares at gardenart sales—a perfect excuse to indulge in our obsession. This craft is fun to do, keeps the three of us relatively out of trouble, and requires only simple, inexpensive household items.


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