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How to Ensure Proper Roof Ventilation in Your Home

It is extremely important to perform regular maintenance to your roof. Accomplishing this will increase your roof’s lifespan and minimize the risk of damage due to bad weather. The roof is the part of a home which is exposed the most to the outside elements-from harsh winter conditions to extremely high temperatures.”

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Your roof is responsible for taking the damage from anything that the weather can throw at it such as wind, rain, sun and snow but it is furthermore bombarded by leaves, insects and other natural predators. Inefficient roofing could mean that any of these factors find their way into your attic and in the end your home and it’s important you do what you can in order to avoid this from happening.

You need to be extra careful of your roof so that it could survive through all sorts of weather without suffering any kind of damage. Unfortunately, most householders often neglect their roofs. A ventilation system for the roof is a vital factor in making certain a long life for your roof. If you make certain a quality ventilation system and properly maintain your roof on a regular basis, your roof’s lifespan will be increased by about 25%.

Exactly what does a roofing ventilation system do? Proper ventilation help keep the roof dry and keep the temperature differences nominal. Trapped heat and moisture will cause harm to the roof and cause condensation, which can look like leaks It keeps your home feeling properly circulated as well as reduces energy costs.

To create appropriate roof ventilation that properly rotates air in and out of the house it is very important get the level of intake and expulsion perfectly. This ought to be done by a qualified professional who can work out the figures required and advise you of the best course of action. Without expert advice you might find that you’ve got an incorrect flow of air, which could not only mean a really hot house in summer but it also can mean a moisture build up in your loft and eventually warped, split, cracked or generally damaged roofs.

The size, shape and materials utilized in building the roof in the first place is going to govern which ventilation system is right for you. A ventilation system utilizes vents and hoses in the roof to create a balance in the flow of air both under as well as over the roof. Around one square foot of venting per 250-300 cubic feet of air in the area just under the roof is necessary to make certain that air is balanced.

And also this requires certain number of vents in the roof, which can be static open units, turbine units, thermostatically operated units, or electronic units. The type of vent you make use of depends upon your roof size and how much cash you must spend. You should have a roofing professional inspect your roof and propose a ventilation system that would be good for you.

The Benefits of Rubber Roofing Shingles

A lot of people have a difficult time comprehending the process of rubber roofing due to the fact rubber is not commonly used in roofing. But if you want something that’s environmentally friendly and long lasting, have a look at rubber firm.”

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Deciding on a roof and the material is significant. It needs to be a material that’s durable, affordable, easy to maintain and does the job of sealing the structure. One choice is rubber roofing, which is a material that is starting to get widespread use.

Rubber roof tiles are principally made of recycled tires. The tires or any other recycled materials are ground into a powder which could then be molded, colored and textured into a shingle. The choices for appearance and color are vast which enable it to fit any style home. Shingles can be found which mimic wood, slate or ceramic.

Rubber roof shingles and whole roofing would be the two major roofing systems. Rubber shingles are lighter shingles, which usually appear just like conventional shingles but comprised of synthetic or natural rubber and its installation is comparatively easy. Additionally, you can have them into any required shape using normal knives. They come in diverse colors. Whole system contain large seamless rubber membranes rolled over the roof deck along with joists. They’re glued to the structure utilizing cold adhesives. Due to the long seamless feature, it has better waterproof capabilities than others.

There are many advantages of using rubber roofing shingles on your new roof. Rubber tends to be of lighter weight and is more affordable than several roofing materials. They are easier to repair and – if necessary – easy to replace. They provide excellent traction when walking or working on the roof and may last at least 30 years, possibly fifty, if conditions aren’t too harsh. Rubber shingles are durable, sturdy and flexible, capable to tolerate hurricane-force winds. The majority of brands of rubber shingles have a Class-A fire rating, and are an excellent insulation material during the extremes of both the hot and cold seasons. For the reason that shingles are made from recycled rubber, they are virtually waterproof and resistant against hail, wind, fire and other damage brought on by severe weather. They’re extremely low-maintenance due to their unequaled strength.

Rubber roofing shingles might appear more costly than asphalt at the start, but they will no doubt prove less costly over time simply because they need less repair and maintenance.

Should you be contemplating utilizing rubber shingles on new roof construction for your home, it might be a good idea to research the other available materials available prior to making a final decision. Carefully check out all products and the work that goes into installation and follow-up care. Make sure you seek advice from a respected and licensed contractor to find out what material they recommend for your style of home and if rubber shingles would be a good fit for your roof – and your budget.

Why Choose Seamless Gutters?

Seamless is a kind of rain gutter derived from a preformed roll of composite metal. Some others get in touch with these as troughs, eaves or eaves channel guttering. Their main objective is to re-collect and re-channel water away from home or building. It is often advertised as roofing systems that have less seams and lower possible leakage points in comparison with some other rain gutter variability which customarily uses aluminum pieces

Why Are Seamless Gutters Preferable?

Water features some rather persistent physical attributes-one being that it can seep the path of least resistance. No matter how well they are created, for traditional gutters that consist of several sections “pieced” together, all these seams will become a catching point for both water and flowing debris with time.

Adhering to its natural path, water will gradually start to sink into the seams, corrosive debris will settle in, the seams will start to leak, and eventually, this will all lead to gutter failure. Clearly, having as few flaws to eventually promote failure is advantageous. This is why seamless gutters are considered to be superior, and of course preferable, technology…with a catch.

Well, regardless of how well they’re designed or installed, actually seamless gutters will still have a few seams here and there. Simply because they maintain a seamless linear pathway from end to end, there are still places like end caps and downspout holes that will have seams. The less the seams, absolutely the better-but having 2-3 seams in every length of guttering installed is inevitable.

What Is The Best Way To Prevent Seam Leaks Even With Seamless Gutters?

It is necessary for you to understand that the installation charges for seamless gutters could be far more than the common ones. This is because it isn’t possible to install the seamless system without having professional help, owing to which it is definitely an costly process. Even so, since seamless gutters are incredibly much maintenance-free and will help you save future maintenance costs, it is worth bearing the initial installation costs.

The easiest method to prevent leaks and eventual failure is absolutely to help keep the gutters squeaky clean all of the time. Granted, nobody desires to devote the time and trouble that it requires to maintain this chore. Thankfully, for all the exhausted homeowners out there, gutter cover systems have vastly improved over the years to become highly-effective protection from all kinds of debris.

The Bottom Line…

Numerous homeowners are gradually coming in terms with the advantages of gutters without seams. Besides spending less in the long term, there is less damage to the drainage systems. This kind of installations also are being accomplished by the experts and expert fitters, who also offer gutter repair amenities for long term advantages.

Pros and Cons of Wood Roofing Shingles

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Wood shingles are also called wood shake, and this kind of roof dates back for generations in history and come with an yesteryear style of charm that can only come with a wooden roof. As wood is a natural substance it is easy to acquire and manufacture. It allows your roof to breathe which makes it a great choice specifically in some warmer climates. However, it also has some negative aspects, and so you should examine whether it is ideal for your property.


Unless it is properly maintained and repaired, a wood shake roof will not be as durable as a roof made out of many other materials. This increases the lifecycle cost of the roof. Insects, rot, and mold present issues with this kind of shingle. From an environmental perspective, wood shakes are not desirable because they can’t be recycled. In addition, wood is not the best material to make use of for fire safety purposes. The spray or wipe-on fire retardants used on the shakes continue for just a few years and offer less protection against fires.

Another negative for wooden roofs is that they are more susceptible to infestations from insects and mold if not properly maintained, and they enable small woodland creatures an ideal spot to nest. Wooden roofs are a lot more costly than their asphalt cousins, and are more difficult to put in and maintain, however they do provide that historical value and look to your house


A wood roof provides energy positive aspects as it has an insulating quality. It also provides the roof with breathability. Shingles are laid on felt rows atop small openings that enable flow of air. Fire retardant is impregnated on pressure-treated wood shakes, leading to these to meet national standards for fire safety. A pressure treated wood shingle lasts longer than one made out of another kind of wood.

There are several timbers you can use for a wooden roof, anything from pine to redwood to cedar can be made into either wood shakes or wooden shingles for roofing application. While putting in a roof could be tricky, an expert roofer may have had experience and will also be able to provide you with a beautiful top for your residence.

For example take the Cedar’s beauty which is unsurpassed by any other roofing material. It may coordinate well with various different types of homes. Cedar shakes, unlike other roofing materials, naturally insulate your house. Because of this, it is going to decrease the amount of energy you have to heat and cool the house throughout the year costing you less.

Wood Shake Roofs: Benefits and Drawbacks

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Wood shingles or wood shake roofs go back a long time, there is a certain history and class that comes with a roof like that, even the more up graded and contemporary twists on the old style in some way have that old world charm attached. Wood is a natural substance therefore it permits your home to ‘breathe’ and keeps the air circulating much better than other roofing substances do. Additionally it is highly combustible therefore in a number of places, wooden roofs won’t pass code.


Unless it really is properly maintained and repaired, a wood shake roof will not be as durable as a roof constructed from many other materials. This raises the lifecycle cost of the roof. Insects, rot, and mold present issues in this type of shingle. From an environmental perspective, wood shakes aren’t desirable simply because they can’t be recycled. Furthermore, wood isn’t best material to use for fire safety purposes. The spray or wipe-on fire retardants used on the shakes last for just a few years and provide less protection against fires.

Yet another negative for wooden roofs is that they are more susceptible to infestations from insects and mold if not effectively maintained, plus they enable small woodland creatures an ideal spot to nest. Wooden roofs are a lot more expensive than their asphalt cousins, and are tougher to install and maintain, however they provide that historical value and appearance to your home


A wood roof provides energy positive aspects because it has an insulating quality. It also provides the roof with breathability. Shingles are laid on felt rows atop small openings which allow flow of air. Fire retardant is impregnated on pressure-treated wood shakes, leading to these to meet national standards for fire safety. A pressure treated wood shingle lasts longer than one made out of a different type of wood.

As a counter to not being recyclable, these kinds of shingles are manufactured from natural materials, most made from renewable varieties of trees. In the event the wood is sealed, it isn’t as susceptible to weather-related deterioration. This enables the roofing to endure sun, rain, snow, and wind for a longer time while not having to be replaced.

For example take the Cedar’s beauty which is unsurpassed by any other roofing material. It could coordinate well with many different types of houses. Cedar shakes, not like other roofing materials, naturally insulate your home. With this, it’s going to reduce the level of energy you have to heat and cool your house throughout the year saving you money.

Roofing Warranty Basics


Your roofing is an expensive home investment, however with the proper maintenance and care, it is an investment that could virtually last a lifetime. Without a doubt, it can cost thousands, yet since roofs offer critical structural support and protection to your family and possessions, it is always essential to have a sound and functional solution. A number of the most respected contractors include residential roof warranties that may or may not cover all damages to your roof. As such, you will need to speak to your roofing company about the warranty they offer, how long the warranty covers your roof, and what kinds of repairs are within the warranty.

You might not know it, but your roofing warranty probably has got two issuers – your contractor and the materials manufacturer. Your contractor will give you a warranty for workmanship, and offering the materials function since these are expected; your contractor will cover only glitches in their work. However, the materials manufacturer is only going to give a warranty for problems with their materials if they are set up according to their guidelines. To put it simply, your contractor issues a warranty for the quality of their work, not the quality of the materials. Also, materials manufacturers only cover their materials should they have flaws or issues regarding their product.

Warranties for Manufacturing Material

The materials that the roofer uses for your project will include a manufacturer’s warranty. Make certain you know what the warranty is for the material that the roofer is using before you get into a contract. You’ll find that you would rather utilize a different material which has a much better warranty than the one the roofer could be offering you. For that reason, many individuals would prefer to utilize materials that come from reputable manufacturers. Besides the manufacturer’s warranty, the roofer or roofing company also needs to supply you with a warranty in case anything occurs your roof.

Warranties for Workmanship Errors

Workmanship warranties could be pro-rated or non-pro-rated. A pro-rated warranty covers only a part of possible fixes that become needed, with the house owner paying the remainder. The proportion of owner’s responsibility increases with the age of the roof. A non-pro-rated warranty includes 100 % of essential repairs, with no cost to the customer. Be sure to check just how long the contractor has been in business, so that you know they have been around long enough to have a history of honoring their warranties.

Understanding what to consider in roofing warranties will definitely help you to make the finest choice of roofing contractor, since you will not be taken in by a lower price which includes a poor warranty. You need to study all warranties for workmanship and materials before you sign any agreement. Also, please be guided of the situations that will likely nullify your warranty.

Top Roofing Maintenance Errors



Roof issues may be annoying to deal with as some are not seen easily. A few of the common roofing difficulties weaken the framework and performance of your roof and can result in the early failure of your roofing system. No doubt it is necessary that the roof is regularly checked out and maintained in order to prevent extreme issues and further expenses.


– Ignoring Signs of Leakages

Commonly a sign of an even more huge issue, leaks certainly are a major concern. Moisture causes the decay of roofing materials and therefore significantly reduces the quality and durability of your roofing. Moreover, leaks may start anywhere – under flashing, around fixtures, as well as shingles and various materials. Yellowing or stained roof is the typical indication of leaks. You may well realize that the roof will give in the near future through the change of its color. Whenever you already notice small drains from your roof, dig into the source of it so that you’ll be capable to provide a long term solution.


– Not Cleaning The Gutters In The Fall

Maintaining clear gutters is an essential part of roof maintenance. Always bear in mind to make your schedule and remember about this. Guttering may become blocked with debris, leaves and dirt that accumulate with time, thus be sure this is cleaned out regularly. If tackling gutters yourself, get someone to foot your ladder all the time, and ensure to repair the top of it to a stable point as you work.


– Missing Regular Inspection

You ought to get up on your roofing and have a look around every few months. Check shingling to see damage. In essence, if you notice something that looks odd, that could be a sign that you have a problem. Often you can see shingle damage and even replace the shingles yourself. If you are not confident you’re up to the task, you could hire a professional to accomplish it for you. You will find a part of the shingles that is worn, and this is a warning sign that it’s time to get them replaced.


– Doing Jobs That Should Be Left To Professionals

Statistically, roofing jobs is among the most dangerous work one could have. It has the greatest chance of falls, electrical and equipment dangers. Falls are probably the biggest danger, but certainly not the only one. It is definitely a great way to save a lot of cash by fixing or looking after your own roof. However it wouldn’t be worth it if you’re not familiar with this kind of job.


To conclude, try yourself to take care of the roof and carry out the basic repairs you happen to be positive or knowledgeable with. Just be certain to bear in mind the things cited above in order that your roof will serve its purpose for a long-term. In case you are helpless then call some pro.

Metal Roofs: Color Choices

Selecting your roof color may be the least of your concern. Since this is the section of the home which we seldom see and take notice, we can find it difficult to decide to what color we would wish to have at home. Sometimes you may decide to just replicate your neighbor’s roof in order that you won’t need to trouble yourself anymore. However to raise the curb appeal of your property, you have to take extra time and effort to have the best one that fits it. Below are some tips.

i.    Earthy colors
Choose a roof that enhances the other colors of the outdoors. Dependent on your landscape, you may decide on an earthy color as it may look off when you add a pastel roof for green and woody setting. An oak-colored exterior paint flatters a sunlit house which has flower boxes and high shrubs. In case your residence is nicely tree shaded, mahogany-colored paint brings up the feel of a woodland property. In both cases, finishing the door with a medium to dark sage paint wraps up the earth-tone effect.

ii.    Bright colors
It is unusual to find bright colors being utilized on metal roofing. This is because the colors are usually hard on the eyes and they have a tendency to take away the attention of many people. Although, the colors have these disadvantages, they can make it easy to point people to your home. Most of the bright colors which you can use are: red, blue and orange. It’s advocated that you should make use of these colors with careful attention since they can easily break the appearance of the house.

iii.    Contrasting colors
Contrasting colors are colors which are found opposite each other on the color wheel. The easiest way of utilizing these colors is making sure the color in your home is different from that of the roofing. For example, should your property have red bricks; you must have a green roof. For more information regarding contrasting colors you need to consult someone skilled who will guide you. It’s also wise to use the internet and you will certainly get some good options.

iv.    Neutrals
Neutral colors are the safest and most common colors used by many. These colors can easily attract lots of people and it’s your best option if you want a roof that can easily catch the eye. Neutral colors are gray, black, and white. You ought to note that gray appears elegant on homes that have already been painted with other shades just like blue and green. Brown however looks fantastic on a home which has already been painted with a warm color just like red or orange.

These are some of the great color options which can be used on your metal roofs. As mentioned, when you are unsure of the way you should make use of the colors, it certainly is best if you seek the services of a professional who will help you.

Factors To Considering When Estimating Roof Replacement Cost

Regardless how you reduce it, the price of a whole new roofing is huge. Nevertheless, you have observed that when you contact 3 to 4 different roof specialists you could possibly get 3 or 4 unique, oftentimes different quotes. Definitely, there are a lot of aspects which affect the cost, not the least of which is the skill and experience with your expert. So, before you hire a roofing contractor, take some time to think about the factors that will influence the cost of a new roof.

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•    Roof Pitch

There are two explanation why the slope or pitch of the roof may affect the price of replacement. Most of all, quite high rooftops demand more cautious safety precautions as the steepest ones may not be appropriate for walking. Therefore, companies will put more time and effort into making the roof setting safe for work. Moreover, the pitch of your roof will determine your underlayment system due to the required fire rating of the roof being installed.

•    Roofing Material

Materials are the greatest component roof replacement cost. One of the most popular materials utilized for roof are asphalt shingles which are sold in bundles of around 25 shingles in one bundle. When good material is used, your roof could possibly serve you for a lifetime. An additional commonly used roofing material is the galvanized steel. To understand which kind of roof that’ll be right for you, have a look at factors like the weather and the environment along with the cost and availability of the material you desire.

•    Roof Size

Start out by figuring out correct dimensions to get an knowledge of the basic size of the roofing job and the number of materials which will be needed for the new roof. This just imply that depending on the amount and the type of material used can greatly affect the labor and total cost of your roof replacement.

•    Tear Down

Removing your old roof is dependent upon the kind of material you’re going for. Some materials are heavy and they’re going to include considerable weight to the supporting structure therefore, if either your previous one or present roof is of the heavier kind it probably needs to be removed before new ones are installed. This just means that additional work is needed thus resulting to a higher labor cost.

•    Type of Warranty

Lastly, another major component that can impact your budget is the warranty. A standard warranty commonly constitutes a contractor supporting the labor and craftsmanship of the product; while extended warranties may be supported by manufacturers. With respect to the warranty coverage you need, you may find your costs to vary, sometimes a great amount.

Take into considerations these factors to help you towards the best decisions for your new roof.

The Color Trends in Residential Metal Roofing

Selecting your roof color may just be the least of your concern. As this is the part of the home which we seldom see and observe, we might find it difficult to decide to what color we would wish to have at home. Sometimes you may decide to just copy your neighbor’s roof so you won’t need to trouble yourself anymore. However to raise the curb appeal of your house, you need to take extra time to have the best one that matches it. Below are great tips.


a)    Neutrals

Neutral shades are: gray, black, white, and brown. Gray and brown are the most frequent colors and they easily draw interest of many people; therefore, if you want to draw attention, they are the best shades to choose.

For grey colors, they closely fits blue, white and black. If you want to go timeless and don’t wish to become risky enough for home roofing, opt for color grey. Grey roofs are popular simply because they may actually match just any exterior color and it does not get out of from style.

b)    Contrasting colors

When we choose for contrasting colors, expect that it will create drama to your dwelling. This just means that whatever your exterior paint is, you will put a contrasting color instead for your roofing.

Opt for high-contrast colors to create a bold eye-catching result. These highlights architectural detail and patterns; low contrast colors hide details, which may be desirable in some instances. As an illustration, use a warm color like cream or ivory that has a cool neutral, like grey or black ridge cap and drip-edge.

c)    Earthy colors

For earthy colored roofing, you should examine you surrounding. Have some time to view your yard or your landscape. You can actually observe the colors that stand for or indicate nature that are green brown, blue and red. These colors tend to be suitable home with wood, stone or any other earthly materials because they merge well with your environment. To be able to assist you in this choice you make, ask a professional.

d)    Bright colors

It can be rare to see bright colors being used on metal roofing. For the reason that the colors are often hard on the eyes and they have a tendency to take away the interest of many people. Despite the fact that, the colors have these disadvantages, they make it simple to point people to the house.

A lot of the bright colors which can be used are: red, blue and orange. It’s advocated that you ought to utilize these colors with caution since they can certainly break the look of the house.

These are some of the wonderful color possibilities that can be used on your metal roofs. As said before, if you are unsure of how you should make use of the colors, it certainly is recommended that you seek the services of an expert who will assist you.