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Illuminate Your Space With LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights, ribbons or tapes are becoming one of the most popular LED products out there. They didn’t only replace incandescent ribbons, however some of the fluorescent tubes as well, and of course gave endless options for advertisements and decoration of bars, hotels, along with other public places.

In order to buy the right units you should consider some factors that include:

Where to place the pieces: If you are searching to light up a small, enclosed area, such as the inside of a cabinet or underneath a shelf, we propose using a low brightness strip. If you’re adding accent lighting to the underside of a kitchen cabinet or behind some furniture, we recommend using an LED strip with a mid-range brightness.

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Brightness: Strips come in various brightness. The brightness of a strip is usually determined by the size and number of LEDs on the strip itself. As a rule of thumb, the more and larger LEDs you’ve got, the brighter the strip. The following guidelines are made to give you a rough guide of which LED Strips are compatible with which applications.

Ease of switching the lights off and on: Various companies have various features on their units. Some of the businesses enable you to control various aspects of the lights although some allow you to control only one area. You need to select the strips that work the best for you.

Color: Your choice of color is entirely determined by your choice. A few of the colors that you could choose from include: warm white, pure white, RGB, RGBW, single color, and others. You need to select the one that you want the most.

Guide to Installing the Lights

Basically LED strip lighting may come as a tape or ribbon with LEDs along the length of it. It may be cut at certain points in to the lengths you need. As the backing is flexible it can be used on curves as well as straight edges and because it is very thin it can be concealed to give subtle lighting in recesses and display cases. Most LED strip lighting comes with double-sided adhesive tape on the back for easy attachment without messy adhesives.

Check the measurements one last time, before you cut the ribbon into the strips you want. Only cut at the specified cutting marks across the tape. To avoid damaging the units you need to be sure that the scissors you use are very sharp. You should note that you might want to make use of solder after cutting. This is to prevent a short circuit.