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35 FREE things to do at the beach with toddlers and young kids!

“It goes without saying that a beach vacation should be on everyone’s summer bucket. Vacationing with kids can be tricky though and it definitely requires a bit of planning. Going to a vacation is useless if you are not still happy. Cheer up and make this your opportunity to release stress and your problems temporarily. Have a bonfire on night and exchange funny and scary stories that you will definitely all enjoy. It does not matter what sizes or brands you have. It is the joy of bonding and playing together that matters.”

35 FREE things to do at the beach with toddlers and kids!  From Nothing if Not Intentional at

Let’s say you’re going to the beach with your little one. You want to make the most of your time in the water, sun, and sand, but sand castles can only hold a child’s attention for so long. You need ideas for what to do beyond those twenty awesome minutes of sand castle fascination.

No worries! With the help of a few creative friends and bloggers, I’ve put together a ginormous list of fun, *free* (or nearly free) things to do at the beach with your toddler! (For your convenience, affiliate links are included when applicable.)

The beach is the perfect place to let your child dump, scoop, and pour to his or her heart’s content. You can use buckets and shovels, cups and spoons, or your hands. Sensory play at its very best!

Go on a scavenger hunt and collect rocks, shells, seaweed, sea glass and sand. Put together a memory jar like these or amp up your water table at home like my friend at My Nearest and Dearest did here. Fantastic Fun and Learning has some great ideas for exploring, creating, and playing with shells in this series.

Before you head to the beach, check out this printable beach packing list. It has everything you need for the ultimate family beach vacation! 

Alternatively, pretend you’re a pirate and hunt for buried treasure. This could be shells, beach glass, sand dollars, or trinkets and treasures left behind by other beach bums. (Let me know if you find my husband’s original wedding ring! It’s somewhere in the sand in Venezuela…)

Get some exercise, Mom and Dad! Toss your kids in the air. Dance. Do water aerobics with your tots.

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