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Secrets of a 8 Square Meters Studio Perfectly Optimized

This piece of furniture is really amazing. It is really perfect for a small 8-sq meter apartment. The one who created this is really clever. So if you are having a problem with your space why not try this one!

This apartment has a living area of 8 square meters and not a centimeter more. In a small space, optimization is required: all the available volume of the studio has been cleverly exploited by the architect of Kitoko studio. You will see that this tiny apartment hides its secrets, you will be surprised to discover that it has a number of impressive for such a small storage space.


In this studio, everything is hidden behind cabinet doors that was installed along the entire length of the main room. To break the white effect hospital, which was used extensively not visually stifle the visitor, drawings, silver gray plants have been placed on all doors.

Small Studio Optimized Secret # 1: The way hidden bunk bed

In the upper left corner of the cabinet, hidden behind sliding doors, found the bed (for one person) whose access is through a shelf staircase placed on casters that also library board. This dual-function furniture is very clever because it serves both stair, but also storage, which is optimal in a small apartment. A good idea to remember.

Small Studio Optimized Secret # 2: The integrated sliding wardrobe

Another good idea to note the dressing room hidden behind the walls of the furniture. It’s still great to have a wardrobe and drawers for clothes in a studio 8 square meters. And besides, this storage space is compact but well optimized.

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