The Basics of Shabby Chic Style

A shabby chic look is a design and style that effortlessly lends itself to decorating on a budget. It is because the Shabby Chic look is dependent on utilizing furnishings which are comfortable, time-worn, and in keeping with simple and practical living.

Should you be on a limited decorating budget and would like to build a look that’s unpretentious yet elegant, Shabby Chic could be the style for you. Below are a few of the basic elements that make up a Shabby Chic look that you may want to try in your house.

Painted Walls: It’s likely that your Shabby Chic space has soft walls – something such as white, beige, or a pale pastel like butter yellow. Instead, make use of a bold, saturated color from one of the fabric patterns within the room. To illustrate, if you have a floral pattern with a white background in the room, choose a vibrant pink or green found in that fabric.

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Unmatched Printed Fabrics: To enliven the white slip covers, printed and patterned fabrics are included as comfortable throw pillows, chair cushions, bedding, etc. These fabrics tend to be floral but could also be striped, paisley or other type of subdued print. These various patterns and colors creates a relaxed feel in a Shabby Chic house, and enables a budget decorator to buy remnants to mix and match.

Unique Furniture: Plenty of properties have stashes of unused furniture in the spare room or attic. Generally, they are replaced by more modern pieces. It is possible to bring some of them back again, proverbially speaking, if you have the time and patience to modify them yourself. All you need is light colored paint – preferably white – sandpaper, a piece of cloth and a cleaning solution.

Flowers: Flowers and greenery are staples in shabby chic decor. Purchase a few flowers at the market or pick some of your own if you have them. Throw them in an old looking vase, but try not to try to set them up perfectly – you’d like them to appear a little thrown together. That is the beauty of shabby chic; the appearance is elegant and relaxed, yet not too perfect.

Unique Lighting: Shabby Chic features light fixtures and lamps in which generally look like flea market finds. Usually the light fixtures have glass or crystal beads that in juxtaposition to the casual furniture creates a surprise look. Lamps are usually painted, and feature fabric shades made from printed fabrics.

The shabby chic style of interior decorating is here to remain for quite some time. Be it just one piece of furniture, a whole room, or a house-wide theme, the shabby home design style with its deeply rooted history, will really make a statement in your home.


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