The Grid’s Top 20 Landscape Architecture Websites of 2014 – Highlighting the Top 10

With loads of sites online, it tends to be difficult to find reliable sources of information especially when you are working on something for your home. Well, this is the reason why we will show the 20 sites that can assist in your landscaping endeavors.


1. Places / / @PlacesJournal


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For the third year in a row, Places is the number one website for landscape architects. Places began as a print journal in 1983 by faculty at MIT and Berkeley, but migrated online in 2009. The interdisciplinary journal is a 501(c)3 organization published by Places Journal Foundation in collaboration with the Design Observer Group, and receives support from several educational institutions. Simply put, the goal of Places is to promote sustainable cities and landscape by publishing content that focuses on the public realm. Their work, which dives into almost every aspect of the built environment, is covered in essays, multimedia, peer review, poetry and other fascinating projects. You can comment on articles and receive their newsletter by registering for a free account.

2. Landscaping Network / / @LandscapingNews

Landscaping Network

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Landscaping Network jumped to the number two spot in 2013 not even making the Top 20 in 2012, and goes on to hold its high ranking for the second year in a row. This is the premiere source for all you need to know about residential landscaping. You can read up on numerous ideas to spruce up your lawn or patio and take inspiration from their style guide. If you’re a visual person, click through their picture gallery, which is constantly updated with fresh images to help you improve your home. But Landscaping Network takes it one step further – you can purchase furniture and products off the site to add to your set-up.


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