Tips For Decorating With Lantern Lighting Indoors

Make the home feel more warm and welcoming with lantern lighting. This article discusses how you can use lantern lights to create an amazing ambiance in your garden or inside your house.

So, you love the look of lanterns, but you’re having a hard time visualizing them in your home. It’s a difficult decision to make, after all! Especially since indoor lanterns come in a variety of styles and offer all kinds of display options, it can be a bit overwhelming to actually choose your lanterns and decorate accordingly.

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That’s where we come in. We want you to love your lanterns as much as we do, so we’re giving you our best tips for decorating with lantern lighting indoors. After you’re done reading this article, our hope is that you’ll never puzzledly look at a space again. You’ll be able to see an empty area and immediately know which lantern lighting to place there. (Of course, we’re always available for decor help if you still have trouble figuring out what lanterns to put where.)

Let’s see where your next lanterns will go!


Hanging a lantern near the foyer or a back door is a great way to welcome guests with a gorgeous glow in an otherwise darker part of the home. Whether you like a traditional or a posh feel, there are a wide variety of lantern lighting that will complement your home’s interior to properly light up the stairway or entryway. Featured in the picture above is our John Street X Collection, the JS 2X.

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