Tips For Lawn Maintenance Every Season

Pros would likely explain to you the key to possessing a lush and healthy lawn is to master the basics – mowing, irrigation, fertilizers, aeration, and weed prevention. With no information on these fundamentals of lawn care, you’d probably most likely commit a few key mistakes that will cause larger problems in your lawn. Even though we know already the basic principles of lawn care, additionally it is crucial that you understand how to look after them in different seasons.”

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Everybody knows that having a nice outdoor area could make your entire home and property look far better. Sad to say, lawn care can sometimes be a struggle. One of the most common errors that people make is not putting crucial cautionary steps carried out preparing for the 4 seasons, which might damage your landscaping throughout the year. The good thing is, if you’re kept informed about what has to be completed in each season to maintain your outdoor space looking nice, it should not be too much of a hassle. Read on for a few season-specific lawn care tips, to keep your yard looking wonderful all year round.


This can be a season where lawn begins to show the first indicators of growth after its winter rest. Which means you will have to think about reviving your mower as your lawn will probably be ready for its first cut of the year. After removing any leaves or twigs that may be dispersed over the area trim the top layer off your lawn using blades set no shorter that 2.5mm. The regularity of your mowing must increase the further into spring we advance. After spring you should be mowing your lawn on a weekly basis.


For warmer climes of summer you should continue with your mowing routine, cutting your lawn once a week ensuring never to remove more than a third of the length at any one time. In order to avoid your lawn turning a less pleasant shade of brown and becoming dry in the summer heat, it is very important regularly to water your garden. Although, as this may at times be problematic, it may be calming to understand that if your lawn does turn brown, it’s going to be quick to recover right after the rain returns.


With the approach of autumn as well as the much cooler temperature it delivers, mowing continues to be recommended, although the regularity of this can be lowered to every two weeks with the blades set to 2.5cm. Now is the time to begin preparing your lawn for the cold weather ahead. So that you can aerate your lawn while increasing drainage, it really is advised to rake the grass to remove any moss, thatch or dead weeds which could have accumulated. This can be the time for re-seeding or replacing any destroyed spots.


There isn’t any ton to do in terms of lawn care over the winter, as the grass is inactive. The best advice is to avoid walking on the lawn during particularly frosty periods because you can kill the grass by doing so. Furthermore, make sure you get rid of any lingering leaves from fall.

Using these simple tips, garden owners are assured that their lawns are safe and established during all season. Garden owners are also certain that their lawns will be healthy, lush, and green as possible.

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