Tips To Prevent Your Granite Countertops From Staining

As you may have already known, granite is used in a number of areas in houses. It may be seen used a wall or as a flooring. And most commonly, it is utilized as kitchen counters. These house sections are often exposed to several things, stains being one of them especially if there are actually children. Here are ideas to remember in order to remove stains from your counter tops.

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Everybody agrees that prevention is the best alternative. You need to, at least once a year, have your granite countertops to be sure they keep their look and luster, and protection from liquids. This procedure simply takes approximately 15 minutes. If you’re pondering when it should be done, do it when splashed water no longer beads up to the surface.


Although your granite countertop is sealed, it’s still important that you give it a daily clean to keep it looking shiny and new. The simplest way to clean your stone is with a mixture of a gentle soap and warm water. Avoid using a rough cloth, as this can wear away the sealant. Instead, make use of a soft cloth, like a microfiber one.


Every time you’re cooking food or preparing meals on your countertop, avoid dropping acidic foods to the granite wherever possible. Some of the acidic foods which have the worst affects include lemon juice, vinegar and strong wine. In the event you happen to unintentionally spill these foods, just be sure you clean them up immediately with the cleaning mixture above.


Whilst some individuals think that they can use their granite countertop as a cutting board, it is important that you avoid cutting fresh meat and fish on the surface. The blood in these meats could stain the surface of the granite, as well as the smell can also become embedded on the stone, which is often hard to remove.


When there is one substance which causes severe damage to granite surfaces, it truly is oil. Not only can oil stain your countertop, it could actually trigger small holes to form. When oil of any type is thrown onto the surface you must mop it up utilizing the cleaning mixture outlined above. Even so, you may have caused irreversible damage.

Even though sealing your granite countertop is necessary and can protect it from many damaging products, it will not protect it from everything. Liquids should still be cleaned up instantly, specially oil products. In the case of stubborn stains, it is suggested that you get in touch with an expert to help take it off.


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