Types of Pots and Pans

“It will always be advisable to find the appropriate equipment for a specific activity. If the perfect equipment is being utilized, the task or any activity is going to be quicker to complete. Similar to cooking, it’s encourage that the ideal cooking pan or pots for just about any dish. You wouldn’t wish to pile up your kitchen with numerous kitchen tools and so understanding the basics in terms of cooking equipment would be beneficial to making your kitchen experience a far more convenient and fulfilling.”


A Frying Pan also referred to as a skillet could be used for all kinds of frying, searing or browning foods. Be sure that there is an adequate amount of oil heated in the pan before adding ingredients, and remember that bigger items must be fried on lower heats, or else they’re going to burn on the outside and stay mostly uncooked at the center.

Saucepan and sauce pots are round pots which branch out into several varieties. Key identifying points of this category are high, straight sides and a flat bottom. Saucepans have several applications, from heating a can of soup to making a sauce, with an endless number of foods in between. These are ideal for making soups, sauces, boiling pastas, grains and rice however only for moderate amounts.

Sauté pans have slope sides, flattened bottom and round which happens to be perfect for sautéing or stir frying chicken, fish, meat, steaks and vegetables. You should be sure that the base of this pan is thick enough to be able to withstand a good amount of heat. The process uses significantly less oil compared to frying.

 A Wok is an Asian cooking item that has deep, curved sides and a flat or rounded base. Stir-frying is regarded as the common use, and much easier in a wok than a frying pan as the heat is distributed more evenly and there is no ‘hot spot’. The deep sides also imply the food does not easily fall out when turned over. Other functions of a wok include deep frying, stewing, steaming and boiling.

The kinds of cookware that you select would be mostly dependent on your specific requirements and funds. You can get all stainless steel or coated in materials like Teflon, or aluminum. The material you choose is determined by your requirements. Non-stick is an excellent common choice, while aluminum distributes heat better. Additionally, always make use of the of proper equipment for every cooking task to be able to conserve your resources

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