Welcome to the World of Gnomes

Have you seen the movie Gnomeo and Juliet? It is the story of two Gnomes who fell in love with each other despite of their family’s feud. Well, that is just basically the movie’s storyline. But did you know that Gnomes are not just your simple ornament? There is actually an explanation why these little creatures are popular in many gardens, a history which started it all.


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 Gnome History

For centuries, gnomes have enjoyed an international following. Gnomes and their cohorts — fairies, leprechauns, trolls and other fantastical spirits — have populated children’s books, illustrations and folklore for generations. As earthly spirits, gnomes have appeared in English literature since the 16th century. In the frontispiece of Erasmus Darwin’s The Botanic Garden (1791), gnomes are referred to as “the guards and guides of Nature’s chemic toil.”


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