What Is Plantation Style Interior Design?

The beauty of the past style can come back to life in the present – right at your door! Old plantations have a stunning style that can be echoed in a lot of today’s homes, or at the very least in their door designs.


Oak Alley Plantation

Plantation homes were built during the Antebellum (pre-Civil War) era (1830 – 1860) and were prominent in the Southern states of America. The architectural features of French Revival and Greek Revival styles were prominent. Louisiana plantation homes often incorporated Spanish architectural features of ironwork for stairway and balcony railings. A handful of homes used Italianate and Gothic Revival ornate features.


Architectural Features

The overall plantation design was structured to beat the sweltering Southern summer heat. Plantation homes incorporated natural cooling features such as porticos and open porches -often called galleries- along each story.

Other architectural features included:

  • Arched windows: These windows gave a soft curve to the otherwise straight lines of plantation symmetry.
  • Architectural Accents: Keystones, Rosettes, Onlays, Medallions
  • Chair rail and wainscoting: Most chair rails were the height of a chair and were created to protect walls and chairs from scrapes.
  • Door capstones and moldings: Greek Revival moldings were non-decorative and very wide. These were designed to replicate Greek architecture stone moldings. You can transform a plain door with the right moldings and capstones.
  • Fireplaces: These were the only source of heat and nearly every room had one. Retrofit or new construction can benefit from a mantel and fireplace surround kit.


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