White Marble Home Decor is Trending: 30 Pieces to Buy Now

Marble decoratives are beautiful art pieces made up of marble that are generally used as decoration at home. They are not only used in flooring and tiling of homes, but also in making of several statues and other decorative materials. Check out these home decor pieces that you can buy right away.

You don’t need to be a home decor buff to know that white marble is trending—a simple scroll through your Instagram feed confirms that the look is every blogger’s background of choice right now.

On Insta and Pinterest and blogs as well as in lifestyle magazines, you’ll spot chic white marble coffee tables, desks, bowls, lamps, candle holders, and more. Even tissue-box covers are getting the marble treatment.

Of course, marble is an inherently expensive material to decorate with, but budget-friendly home stores are using ceramics to give the same effect at a fraction of the cost. So whether you’re looking to invest in the real-deal version of this luxe decor look or searching for something cheap and chic to elevate your space, keep clicking to shop 30 stunning pieces that match a range of budgets.

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