Why We Love Small Trees

Most of us have small gardens and normally we want to take full advantage of them. A tree can set the atmosphere of a garden quicker than almost anything else and so deciding on the best one can be important. If you decide on the wrong one you could spend several years being disappointed and more years waiting for a replacement tree to establish itself. Sometimes, we are also reluctant to plant one as they may grow too big for your garden. But listed below are a few tips which will allow you have them in your garden.

(C) Baby Trees  (Eastern Redbud)

The Paperbark Maple is surely an fascinating tree because the cinnamon colored bark peels off during the year. It brings dimension and texture as well as a talking point for your yard and this tree does great in all types of soil though it does like well drained soil, thanks all the same. It’s mature height is from 20-35′ but it’s still regarded as a small tree and since its so undemanding, exactly what are you waiting for? This tree is fantastic for people living in zones 4-8 across the country.

The Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) can also be known as the Japanese Mountain Maple. These grow more like bushes rather than trees. The Japanese maple has a diverse variety of hybrids, by some counts a lot more than 300. The leaves of Japanese maples range from light green to deep burgundy. Much like the trident maple, Japanese maples are usually durable trees. They are excellent addition to the garden because they are not only small but additionally very colorful sight to see.

Two other trees which are popular are the Snow Gum and the Tibetan Cherry. The snow gum tree is a year-round tree that has grey, cream, and green bark. The evergreen leaves are a grey-green color and has small white flowers in the summer. It grows up to 8 meters and prefers full-sun. The Tibetan cherry can be another great year-round tree. It features a red bark and flowers white in the spring and has red-yellow leaves in the fall. This tree grows 10 meters high so these two are on the larger side.

The Eastern Redbud opens spring by having an explosion of pink flowers and it’s flexible to a wide range of soils. It is great for yards within zones 4-9 and at full height it’s going to only be around 30 feet. What a great way to decorate your yard!


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